What is a Camping Canteen?

Camping Canteens

Camping enthusiasts often look for traveling opportunities for the most exciting spots. Some like to venture into uncharted territories and explore what only a few have been able to see. Well, expeditions like this call for taking care of one’s body at all times. This quest for adventurous experiences has to be fuelled with proper hydration as well. Hydration can often be overlooked when camping because who’s got the time when they are busy making experiences! However, no one talks about what follows after dehydration: The pain of getting hospitalized! 

It can be tough to stay hydrated at all times when camping. But this is exactly why a camping canteen was designed. A camping canteen is used by campers to store, filter, or boil water. This is precisely why it is called a canteen for camping. Depending on your needs, various kinds of canteens can render different useful features. To avoid situations that can lead to dehydration, a camper must always locate clean sources of water and use a water filter canteen to render potable water. A water filter canteen is easy to use, lightweight, and efficient. It is something a camper would love to add to their camping kit! However, this is not the only option you have. The Internet is full of long descriptions of different types of canteens for camping. Let’s get into useful details and understand which kind of canteen you need!

Types of Camping Canteens

1. Traditional canteens:

Traditional canteens are portable water storage options that are more durable than regular options such as a plastic bottle. In addition to that, the canteen is made from good quality materials, making it good for health. Plastic bottles, on the other hand, are made from inferior quality plastic which leaches into the water as temperature rises. 

2. Filter canteens:

Filter canteens are a level above traditional canteens. Not only do they provide a water storage facility but also highly granular water filtration capacity despite being such small in size. Generally, canteens can store up to 1 liter of water. Also, canteens of certain brands provide a filtration capacity of up to 1000 liters. Depending on what you prefer as a camper, either a traditional canteen or a filter canteen can be chosen. However, it is always safe to carry a filter canteen when travelling (you never know!).

Materials used in camping canteens

Depending on your priorities, there are quite a few options when it comes to water canteens. 

1. BPA-free plastic canteens:

Whether you choose a traditional canteen or a filter canteen, you can find a BPA-free plastic canteen easily. In case you’re wondering how a canteen being BPA-free makes any difference, here’s your answer: BPA-free plastic canteens do not contain Bisphenol A, a chemical that can leach into water and cause health issues. So, always check that label!

2. Steel Canteens:

If you are looking for a more durable option then a steel canteen is a good option. Besides it is the safest option for storing hot beverages. When travelling, a steel canteen can be used to boil water which enhances its utility. Steel canteens are generally used in high-stress environments as they can withstand wear and tear. In survival situations, steel canteens can also be utilized as tools to create reflective signals, aiding rescue teams in locating individuals in need of assistance. 

3. Aluminium Canteens:

Aluminium canteens are a lightweight and durable option. Its heat conductivity makes it an excellent choice. Owing to that, a cool drink stays cooler and a hot drink stays hotter for long periods of time in an aluminium canteen. So, overall, it is an option worth considering!

Features to consider

Unlike regular plastic water bottles, water canteens offer some features that make them a choice worth giving a try.

1. Capacity:

A usual water canteen can store up to 1 liter of water which is more than generally used plastic bottles out there. Also, the filtration facility a filter canteen offers cannot be found in plastic bottle. 

2. Durability:

Steel and aluminium canteens are not the only durable options for water canteens. Even plastic water canteens are tough. They are made out of superior materials making them last longer. Unlike a regular plastic bottle, a canteen and last up to months or even years if handled well.

3. Leak Proof Design:

Most water canteens have a leakproof design making it fit to keep in the camping kit. Unlike regular bottles that spill water all over, water canteens are specifically designed to prevent spills.

Benefits of using a camping canteen

1. Hydration on the go:

When in a hurry, carry that water canteen! You don’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing packaged water when thirsty. Besides, the fear of dehydration is at its peak when travelling. A water canteen helps hydrate at all times and keep dehydration away.

2. Environmental Impact:

A pile of plastics in a natural place is always a disheartening sight. A sustainable option to help reduce that pile to some extent is a water canteen. Since it can be reused multiple times, you don’t need to purchase plastic bottles again and again.

3. Cost Savings:

To get an idea of cost savings when choosing a water canteen over a plastic bottle, compare the price of one canteen to ALL the disposable plastic water bottles you purchase in a year. The figure will, quite literally, shock you!

Choosing the Right Canteen

While there are plenty of options to choose from, here are a few factors that can help you find the right water canteen:

1. Size and weight considerations:

If you want to purchase a water canteen for regular use then a regular water canteen would suffice. Also, if you want a lightweight option while travelling then regular water canteen and filter canteen would be a good choice. However, if you need to boil water or store hot beverages then a steel water canteen is the best option.

2. Special features:

One of the most useful features you can find in water canteens is that of filtration. So, even in the most remote places, just with a source of water, you can render potable water. Apart from that other canteens such as a steel canteen can be used for boiling water. 

3. Brand and Reputation:

While there are plenty of brands of water canteens out there, it is important to research the best brands before buying a water canteen. You must look for product specifications and features of the canteen. One of the most reliable brands of water canteens is ALFA1. It supplies regular water canteens, water filter canteens, and stainless steel canteens. Make sure to check out its website!

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