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Water Canteen Vs Water Bottle: 5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Plastic Bottles Today!

Water Canteen vs Water Bottle

Did you know that everyone’s favourite Martian Matt Damon is passionate about resolving the issue of access to clean water? More than a decade ago, he co-founded to help underprivileged people gain access to potable water. Sadly, some of us have to fight our way to clean water. But for the rest of us, the only reason we end up getting sick because of unpotable water is ignorance. While this might sound harsh, it could not be closer to reality.

One of the most common water consumption mistakes we make is consuming water through regular plastic bottles. Simply for the sake of convenience, we end up discounting our health. Unaware of the consequences of consuming water through plastic bottles, we even let our kids use them. Well, in this blog, we have attempted to help you with concrete reasons why you must throw that plastic bottle in the trash can and adopt a more sustainable and healthy option such as a water canteen.

1. Environmental Impact 

It is not uncommon these days to hike through a magnificent natural spot only to find plastic bottles lying around. It is not only disheartening for a nature lover but also one of the worst things we could do to our planet. It is easy to forget such a sight after some time. But once you analyze the severity of such plastic waste, it’s hard to let that go.

2. Impact on Health 

Did you know that regular plastic bottles are made up of plastic of cheap quality? If you don’t believe us, try exposing your bottle to higher temperatures and find out the difference in the taste of water. One of the ways you can avoid that is to use a water canteen. Water canteens are built with high-quality materials that are resistant to temperature changes up to a considerable limit. Water canteens are also safe for kids.

3. Convenience and Longevity 

If plastic water bottles look convenient to you, try punching them with your fist (pun intended)! When outdoors, you need something that can withstand the rigors of outdoors. Plastic water bottles can barely make it to fourth or fifth use. On the contrary, water canteens can last up to months or even years if used well. 

4. Filtration capacities

Have you ever purchased a regular plastic bottle that comes with filtration capacities? Us neither! Some water canteens on the other hand come with in-built filtration capacities. So, even in the remotest of places, just a source of water (even if not the cleanest one) and a water filter canteen can render potable water for you.

5. Storage Needs

In the middle of a camping adventure, did you ever wish you could store a hot beverage? Well, a plastic bottle is certainly not suitable for that! For such purposes, a steel canteen is the best fit. Not only is it the most durable option but also the finest among multiple liquid storage options!

An analysis of all these reasons delivers the urgency of an action: DITCH PLASTIC BOTTLES TODAY! Understandably, it might not be always possible. But whenever an opportunity to use water canteens presents itself, you must go for it. That is not only the best for your health but also for Earth!

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